Hello and Welcome

The Beeswax Co
is a new socially responsible and environmentally aware
Australian company based in the beautiful hinterland surrounding Byron Bay.
Driven by a desire to help reduce single use plastic and waste 
we developed a unique Beeswax Food Wrap product made with
100% GOTS (The Global Organic Textile Standard) organic cotton 
and GOTS certified fabric ink. 
We hand screen print illustrations by artist Daniel Hend and 
wax them with a mix of antibiotic and pesticide free local beeswax, 
organic coconut oil and pine tree resin.

The beeswax wraps not only help you rid your household of single use plastics, 
but the combination of beeswax and natural resin and oils
will help to keep foods fresher for longer. 
Use as a sandwich wrap for school or work lunches or wrap
anything from cheese, bread, fresh herbs and greens, 
fruit and veggies to maintain freshness,
or alternatively cover bowls and leftovers in the fridge.

At the beginning of the year the company partnered with Daniel Hend, 
a local indigenous artist, to create bespoke set of designs for the wraps.
So far this collaboration has produced two different sets of designs 
including The Indigenous Range and the Indigenous Geo Range
and they are available at upcoming trade fairs and festivals 
and direct to consumers at our various global stockists.

Each wrap is screen printed and waxed by hand and are available in packs of 3 wraps including
small 26cm x 26cm, medium 34cm x 34cm and large 41cm x 41cm sizes.
They make beautiful gifts for people who love stylish food storage and design, and also
a great everyday essential for the growing number of eco-conscious consumers.

The overuse of plastic cling film is clogging our waterways and harming the delicate ecosystem of our oceans,
The Beeswax Co has realised there’s an opportunity to help people 
make changes in our collective lifestyle to ensure a sustainable future.
The broadcaster and naturalist David Attenborough said action on plastics should be 
taken immediately and that humanity held the future of the planet in the palm of its hands.

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